Interventional Cardiac Catheterisation Workshop

teaching for those with more enthusiasm than experience

Red Cross Children’s Hospital – Cape Town
14 to 17 March 2017

  • Live interactive cases
  • Hands-on experience
  • Basic to complex approach
  • Theme/procedure of the day
  • Introduction to VSD occlusion coils
  • Relaxed atmosphere


Lectures by expert faculty (between live cases)


  • Venous access: pitfalls, pointers and party tricks
  • Know your kit!
  • Learn from my mistakes
  • Getting (it) out of trouble: retrieval strategies, lateral thinking
  • Risky technical teamwork: parallels with mountain rescue
  • Planning for complexity: VSD coil occlusions
  • Getting to LA: the when and how of septal punctures

… and much more!

Daily Themes

TUESDAY: Beginnings

The basics of safe and efficient diagnostic and interventional cardiac catheterisation

WEDNESDAY: Closing Time

Occluding intracardiac and peripheral shunts (PDAs, ASDs, AVMs)

THURSDAY: Opening Time

Relieving stenoses and creating holes!

FRIDAY: Complexity

New tools: the PFM Lê VSD coil – a device for Africa, or is it too much too soon?


please use this link to sign up
before 1 MARCH 2017
Cost: R1500 per participant
Limited places! (maximum of 30 on-site participants)